Who is ACAPO and what do we do?


  •  Assist in facilitating the integration of all individuals of Portuguese origin into Canadian Society in the province of Ontario
  • Promote and encourage cultural and historical heritage within the context of Canada’s Multicultural policy
  • Promote and encourage interaction between the Portuguese community and other ethno-specific communities
  • Analyze problems that affect the Luso-Canadian community and propose possible solutions to individuals or organizations able to address the issues at hand
  • Represent and defend the interests of the Luso-Canadian community with official representatives of the Canadian or Portuguese governments
  •  Promote and encourage interaction and communication between generations of Portuguese-Canadians
  • Promote communication and mutual cooperation between Portuguese organizations and Portuguese-speaking organizations
  • Support member organizations in organizing activities for their next fiscal year
  • Establish and maintain collaboration with other organizations with similar goals and objectives
  • Participate actively with organizations whose work ls to better the Portuguese community or Portuguese-speaking community

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